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Lions Camp Crescendo Newsletter       December  2016 CAMP NEWS Stanford Lions Club members scheduled a work project day at camp for August 6/7 th .  The group was joined by Gov. Larry and Jennie West from Monticello.  It was a very successful event.  Camp is shining! The lagoon was mowed & weed-eated, the flower beds were weeded, bushes were trimmed, pool patio deck and fence were power washed, windows in the café doors were washed – as were the doors, the porches were swept and a running toilet in medical area was fixed. Meals were provided and the group had an opportunity to see the camp along with the grounds. There were some new members and everyone enjoyed considerable fellowship.  We thank one and all for all their support!  They even delivered a donation of $500.00, then one member donated another $100.00 Etta’s Family Reunion was held from August 11 – 14, with some staying 3 nights and some staying 2 nights.  The families came from Florida, Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, Kentucky and Georgia.  The pool was a big hit and lots of time was enjoyed swimming.  Camp provided the meals for the group, so this gave the ladies a break from cooking.  They are already talking about another reunion in 2 years.  Two participants also made personal donations. We thank them for choosing Crescendo for their site! 2017 Band Camp Dates July 16, 21 – Week #1 July 23-28 – Week #2 Raffle Winner The Raffle drawing was held on October 23, 2016 and the winning ticket was 0109.  The ticket was purchased by the Lexington South Lions Club. The club elected to take the $10,000.00 rather than the ATV.  PDG John Picklesimer sold the ticket. The club donated $2500.00 back to Camp – Thanks Lions!
Camp Run-A-Mok 2 nd  session Campers 9/11/16 donation Of $1005.00 9/11/16 Donated an umbrella and stand Linda Capito 12/08/16 Donation of $250.00 Cocktails & Dreams Inc./2 nd  session 9/11/16 Donation of $1000.00 Carrollton Lions Club 8/31/16 $500.00 donation to Lions Camp Crescendo via District 43T Tracy Cerise (debt reduction) 8/29/16 Donation $200.00 9/29/16 $200.00 donation 10/27/16 $200.00 donation 11/28/16 $200.00 donation 12/11/16 $116.45 Donation (debt can) 12/27/16 $200.00 debt donation Phil & Melinda Clark Donation of toilet tissue and support of the Crescendo waste water process 12/19/16 Donated a box of envelopes Lion Bill Cox 12/12/16 Donation $5.00 change Lion Tom Darrah 12/11/16 Donation of $200.00 Lion Frank Farmer, Winchester Regularly and faithfully collects glasses, aluminum cans and cartridges  in the area, He and  Lion John Jenks team up in helping camp. Erlanger Lions Club/PDG Bob Smith 10/11/16 Can Donation of $112.50 12/19/16 $1500.00 donation Fern Creek Lions Club 11/15/16 Donation of $404.78 Don & Billie Flannery 8/8/16 Donated  wasp spray & foggers $60.99 9/11/16 Donation of $500.00 9/16/16 Donation $22.53 Pool parts 9/26/16 Donation of $500.00 11/8/16 Donated roof coating & misc supplies  $23484 11/15/16 Can donation of $60.50 11/28/16 Donation of $92.13 for various supplies, van gas &                           antifreeze 12/11/16 Donation of $500.00 12/12/16 $20.00 Donation 12//26/16 $45.28 Donation for parts for Plumbing. Florence Lions Club
Thanks to everyone that helped make the raffle a success.  Big things happen when we work together. 2017 Camp Dates for…. KY Lions Youth Camp – July 3 - 7 Note: counselors come in on July 2 Camp Heart to Heart –  July 10 – 14 Note: counselors come in on July 9 Camp Freedom – July 10 – 14 Note: counselors come in on July 9 Annual Meeting for Lions Camp Crescendo is … January 22, 2017 Executive Board Meeting 2:00 PM Main Board Meeting 3:00 PM Memorial Gifts Dick Butterbach PDGs Cecil  & Flo Warner PDG Don & Billie Flannery Ursel Butterbach PDG Don & Billie Flannery Lion Faye Kouns PDG Evelyn & Ron Vaughn PDG Don & Billie Flannery PDGs Cecil & Flo Warner Dorothy Shelly PDG Don & Billie Flannery Ruth Roederer PDG Don & Billie Flannery Deaths Monqua Lynn Allen, age 50 died on Thursday, July 28, at U of L Hospital.  She was the Secretary of the Muldraugh Lions Club  She is survived by her Mother, 2 daughters, 2 sons and 6 grandchildren. Glenn Armstrong, 80 of Mt. Washington KY died August 8, 2016 of cancer. He was a member of the Mt. Washington Lions Club and served as Secretary & Treasurer.  He is survived by his wife Milda Faye, two sons, 1 daughter, 4 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren¸ 3 brothers and 2 sisters. David Lee Bowman, 86, of Ft. Wright, passed away on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Edgewood.  He was a member of the Covington-Kenton Lions Club.  He is survived by his wife Joan; 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 4 great- grandchildren; 2 brothers and a sister. Kevin Burris, 37, nephew of Evelyn and Ron Vaughn died unexpectedly on Saturday, August 13, 2016.  He is survived by a brother and  his Mother Meredith. Richard “Dick” Butterbach, 84, of Frankfort, passed away at home on Monday Sept. 5, 2016.  He was a former Frankfort Lions Club member. He was a Veteran of the United States Air Force.  He is survived by his wife, Ursel, a niece and nephew, both of Lansing Michigan. Ursel Butterbach, widow of Richard Butterbach passed away at home Monday September 19, 2016. She was a former member of the Frankfort Lions Club. She is survived by a niece and a nephew. Ruth N. Crowe, 82, of Bonita Springs, FL passed away Saturday, September 24, 2016. She was a former residence of Louisville, KY.  She is survived by her husband Raymond L.Crowe, a former member of the North Bullitt Lions Club; three children, a sister, a sister-in-law, and five grandchildren. William Porter Douthitt, 92, passed away January 1, 2016. He was a long time member of the Frankfort Lions Club and was dedicated to their service project of collecting old eye glasses and frames.  He is survived by his daughter Teresa Ann Douthitt. Kenneth  E. Elkins, 79, passed away Sunday, September 11, 2016 at Franciscan Health in Indianapolis. He is survived by his wife, Sheron; 4 children, including Lion Karen Maschak of Vine Grove; 10 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Will Evans, 80, of St. Matthews, passed away Monday, August 29, 2016 at home. From attending school at KSB, he taught, coached, was dean of students, principal and became  the Superintendent. He was a member of the Louisville East Lions Club.  He is survived by his wife Barbara, two children, two grandchildren, one sister and one brother.  Faye Kouns. 76, of Louisville passed away on August 14, 2016.  She is survived by her husband of 53 years, Mike Kouns  She was a member of the Louisville East Lions Club. William David McCool, age 74, passed away on August 3, 2016 at home.  He was a member of the Louisville East Lions Club and served as Treasurer for the past 7 years.  He is survived by his wife  Nancy, a son Christopher, a daughter Kathleen and a brother. Ruth Roederer, 76, of Shepherdsville passed away on Nov. 30 th   2016. She was the wife of Lion George Roederer of the North Bullitt/Zoneton Lions Club. She is survived by her husband George, four children, 13 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, a sister and a brother. Dorothy Shelly, 86, of Lebanon Junction died Friday August 18, 2016.  She was a former employee of Lions Camp Crescendo. She is survived by a son, Don; two daughters Dottie and Helen, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. John Warren Jr., 82, of Corbin passed away on Friday September 16, 2016.  He was a member of a number of organizations including the Corbin Lions Club.  He is survived by his wife, Terry; 3 sisters, 2 brothers and several nieces and nephews. Top Tips on “How to Be Deaf Aware” Following the tips will allow you to communicate with those individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. Avoid standing in front of a light when speaking Make sure you have the person’s attention before speaking. Stand a normal distance from the person Do not cover your mouth or have anything in your mouth when you are speaking Look directly at the person you are speaking to and maintain eye contact Speak clearly, at a normal pace Repeat the statement, then re-phrase if the person is unable to hear the words spoken Use shorter, simpler sentences if necessary Do not shout Use gesture, facial expression and body language to assist with communication Be patient and take time to communicate Try writing down a couple words or a phrase to clarify if communication is difficult Remember that just because a person can hear your voice, does not mean they can understand your words When writing back and forth, keep  your word choices simple and sentences short.  If the person understands you well and uses more complex sentence and vocabulary, you may do the same. Take your clue from the deaf person. When using an interpreter, speak directly to the deaf person. When the interpreter voices what the deaf person signs, look at the deaf person, not the interpreter. Avoid saying…. “Tell him….” Donations & Gifts Anonymous None Lisa & Tony Bellamy 12/26/16 Debt Can donation of $50.00 Boonesboro Lions Club 12/9/16 Donation of $65.00-split between Ky Lions Youth Camp, Camp Freedom and Camp Heart to Heart DJ Bowers 8/26/16 Donation of recycling lids, 45 gal  trash liners, 33 gal trash liners ($807.50) 10/18//16 Donated Laundry Detergent $7.97 7/20/16 Donated Wasp spray $23.21 11/4/16 Donated  flashlights $111.64 11/4/16 Donated Mop handles & heads $46.10 Bowling Green Noon Lions Club 10/6/16 Donation of $2000.00 e Award Shively Lions Club 9/11/16 Donation of $400.00 T-towels (for Café) Coffee (for Café & Lodge) Straw Brooms (for dorms, plus Café) Bleach (for café & dorm rest rooms) People who love to paint – 1 of 47 dorm rooms done, 46 to go People who love to work on landscaping to make the grounds look beautiful People who love, like, or are willing to clean and wash windows – making things pretty People who love to mow grass, weed eat and trim low hanging limbs
8/31/16 $200.00 donation to Lions Camp Crescendo via District 43T 8/31/16 $500.00 donation for KY Lions Youth Camp via District 43T Dennis Foy 9/11/16 Donated an Echo Weed eater and a roll of string Jackie Bunger 8/2/16 Donated a Konica 7022 copy God’s Holiness Church/Rev. Clifford Snawder 10/24/16 Love Offering $200.00 Ryan Herzog, Brooklyn NY 9/11/16 Donated & planted a miniature tree in the lodge front yard and a Bonsai planter for office Independence Lions Club 8/31/16 $50.00 donation to Lions Camp Crescendo via District 43T Jeffersontown Lions Club 9/7/16 Donation of $300.00 9/7/16 Donation in the name of PID Tom Matney PDG John & Lucille Jenks 9/20/16 Delivered glasses, cartridges, and aluminum cans.  They faithfully delivered these items almost every week. Paul Johnson/Campbellsville Lions Club 9/21/16 Donated 150 soft drinks, 3 tables, and several bags of cartridges. PCC Mike Kouns 12/11/16 $50.00 Donation Lebanon Lions Club 11/10/16 President Jerry Lanham and 5 fellow Lions came to camp for the second time this year to do some work projects.  The rebuilt some door casings & painted interior of room #1, Dorm A.  Etta L. Lechleiter 8/14/16 Donation of $100.00 Lexington Lions Club Grant 11/15/16 Replace compressor  Lodge 2 door refrigerator and replace  ice machine head of activity center ice machine Lexington South Lions Club 11/18/16 Donation of $2500.00 MAC Mfg. 12/19/16 Straightened a bent bar Maysville Lions Club 8/31/16 $91.00 donation to Lions Camp Crescendo via District 43T 8/31/16 $400.00 Donation for KY Lions Youth Camp via District 43T Kathy McDonald 8/6/16  Donation of $100.00  Middletown Lions Club 8/22/16 Donation of $200.00 (debt) 9/23/16 Donation of $200.00 (debt) 10/22/16 Donation of $200.00 (debt) 11/22/16 Donation of $200.00 (debt) 12/27/16 Donation of $200.00 (debt) Modern Woodmen 9/29/16 Donation of $500 for Ky Lions Youth  (deaf) camp North Oldham Lions Club 11/28/16 Donation of $250.00 Mary C. Preston (OH) 6/14/16 Donation of $25.00 John Picklesimer 9/11/16 Donated an Hitachi Projector to aid with club presentations/visits and use at camp Rubbertown Community Adv. Council 12/29/16 $500.00 donation – Gordon Welker Incentiv PDG Bob & Sara Smith 12/3/16 Donation of $500.00 Stanford Lions Club 8/6/16  Donation of $500.00 Jon Suplee 9/10/16 Donation of $90.00 Taylor Mill Lions Club 8/31/16 $50.00 donation for KY Lions Youth Camp via District 43T Ron & Evelyn Vaughn 7/11/16 Donated a stainless drainer and a mixing bowl 9/5/16 Donation of 21.99 for tractor fluid and $95.70 for stain (3 gallon) 9/26/16 Donated stainless colander and 4 qt. pan 10/9/16 Donated a Diesel tank 11/3/16 Donated printer cartridge $54.30 (camp printing) 12/11/16 $122.50 Donation 12/26/16 $20.00 Donation from book sales; Donation of $66.27 postage used Flo Warner 8/31/16 $65.00 donation for KY Lions Youth Camp via District 43T 9/11/16 Donation of $50.00 for KY Lions Youth Camp 12/11/16 $100.00 Donation for debt reduction Washington Lions Club 8/31/16 $100.00 donation for Lions Camp Crescendo via District 43T 8/31/16 $300.00 donation for KY Lions Youth Camp via District 43T Joe Westerman 9/11/16 Donation of $300.00 12/12/16 $60.00 Donation Major Wheat 9/11/16 Donated 4 reams legal paper 10/24/16 Donated a box of spot lights Ches Wheeler 8/2/16 Delivered the Konica copy machine to camp from Louisville. Copier donated by Jacki Bunger (on short notice) – thanks Ches 12/11/16 Donation of $1000.00 12/11/16 $50.00 Donation Tom Wibbels 12/17/16 Wrote out donation  acknowledgements Paul Witten 12/11/16 $20.00 Donation Eye Glass Donors North Hardin Lions Club Kitty Pettit Rosemont Baptist Church/John Picklesimer Shepherdsville Lions Club Bob Swett Paul Witten Winchester Lions Club Cartridge & Cell Phone Donors Jessica B. Wilmore Bill Brown Campbellsville Lions Club Phil & Malinda Clark, Lebanon Jct. Gov. Sue Collins,  Fairdale Bill Cox, Shepherdsville Frank Farmer, Winchester Lions Club Susan Harrod, RN, Frankfort John Jenks, Winchester Lions Club – delivery of Cartridges & Cans Paul Johnson, Campbellsville Lebanon Jct Post Office MAC Manufacturing Co. Monticello Lions Club Vicki Morgan, CT Mitchell Co., Versailles Kitty Pettit Keith & Becky Tennill/Probuilt Automotive Richmond Lions Club Stanford Lions Club Bob Swett Lisa Bellamy/UK Stroke Network Evelyn Vaughn Flo Warner, Frankfort Jessica Wilmore Paul Witten, Leitchfield L.C. Toner Cartridges from Businesses will increase our activity – We ask that you  contact some companies you know or that are in your area to see if they will help? Visit & register your business. Enter our Organization ID#   52571 For each business that we recruit, we’ll earn cash from their donated printer cartridges.  Aluminum Can Donors  Bill Begley, Key support to Winchester Lions Club Kim Damron/UK Frank Farmer/Key support to Winchester Lions Club John Jenks/Winchester Lions Club Kitty Pettit Frankie & Bill Regenauer Needs & Can Always Use Rayon Mop Heads (for applying wax) Laundry detergent (for Café) Please email Lion Billie at if you do not wish to receive the newsletter by US Mail.  Be sure to include your name and address.  Lions Camp Crescendo, Inc. P.O. Box 607 1480 Pine Tavern Road Lebanon Junction, Kentucky  40150